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We are a new store dedicated to helping our local and regional talent get their works out for the world to see.  

The only catch?  Everything must be hand made or home made to be in our store. Because of this every item is different. Even if the Artisan makes two of the same item, they may still be slightly different, which means any item you take home is truly a one of a kind  piece of art! 


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We have a new and beautiful showroom that is ready for you to visit these beautiful works of art for yourself!   

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We are ready to ship our local and regional talent to anyone in the United States.   Of course, you are always welcome to visit our Shoppe to see these items for yourself today!!  We are now doing local deliveries around the Rapid City, SD area as well.  There are many different ways to get these works of art in your home!!

Donations and Letters from our Favorite Do-Gooders!!

Letter of appreciation for a donation we did to Celtic Corgi Rescue

Celtic Corgi Rescue

We believe in supporting other charities and rescues all around the states.  Celtic Corgi Rescue helps corgi's that have been abused or mistreated.  They are a wonderful organization!!

Money donated to Celtic Corgi Rescue

Our first donation!!

We are going to continue to support all the charities that we can in our own neighborhood and around the area!  

One of the cats we helped rescue.

Keep an eye on our website!

The next charity we will be giving to will be featured right here!!  Of course, when you buy anything here at the Shoppe, you help donate to these worth while charities!!  We here at Black Hills Artisans THANK YOU SO MUCH!!